Soft Tissue

Soft tissue treatment is therapy directed at reducing pain and guiding the healing process of the body, focusing more on the muscle, tendon and ligaments that mingle with the connective tissue of the body.

Instrument – I use a variety of metal and plastic tools to help improve healing increase function.  They typically work more superficially and are helpful when less pressure if required or skin is hypersensitive and needs to be slowly introduced to therapy

Manual – Much of my soft tissue work is done by hand.  It allows deeper pressure into the body and fine rolling and stretching of the tissue was it is released.

Scar – Old or new scar tissue can have persistent pain or lack of mobility which can perpetuate the original problem or cause new ones.  Working through these tissues and helping them fully remodel and heal can help break out of a chronic pain cycle.

What if I’ve had soft tissue/massage before and it didn’t help or results didn’t last? Sometimes stand alone soft tissue work hits a home run and resolves a condition.  Often full return to activity requires gradual loading to help guide healing and tell the tissue to grow and meet the demands that will be placed upon it.  This is where rehabilitation shines and serves to doublecheck the healing process to make sure the tissue is up to par.

When an area keeps tightening up, it can be protecting an area of the body or overworking for a weaker area of the body.  Doublechecking the orthopedic and neurological examinations for a partially healed injury will reveal any areas that are tight from being protected.  Whole body analysis systems such as SFMA or DNS will reveal where the overload pattern is coming from, causing the area to tighten up over and over again.