Joint Mobilization

Joint Mobilization 

Joint mobilization is a lower force joint treatment designed to decrease pain and improve joint motion.  It does not involve the pulse of the adjustment but still improves joint motion through more repetitive motions.

Some mobilizations are performed in a static positions, while other are performed with movement in a motion such a lunge or arm raise to allow more dynamic correction.

What if I’ve had this treatment before and it didn’t work or last?

There are many styles and techniques of mobilization, full examination to determine which one of most effective or if several must be combined to get a full effect.  Something as simple as adding traction or changing body position can make the difference

When a joint mobilization or adjustment helps, we can then tape the area to maintain the therapeutic effect.  Sometimes mobilization improvements do not last as long as expected, and adding in appropriate taping and exercises help reinforce the improvements.

When a mobilization is helpful, we can translate it into a self mobilization/stretch, strap or foam roller move to help you stay better.