There are several types of headaches, many of which can be helped by my treatment.

Cervicogenic headache, coming from the joints or muscles of the neck, is a primary candidate for help from manual therapy and rehabilitation.  There are several key strength and flexibility baselines which are the most effective treatment routes.

The TMJ and jaw muscles also tie into the cervicogenic headache, but can also be stand alone.  The upper neck and jaw are closely related, so evaluation of both can be required for full resolution.

Migraine – defining headache can be difficult, as there can be several factors involved.  Migraines can have a musculoskeletal component along with fatigue, environmental and dietary triggers.  We can help work through the body portion along with additional treatment and management of the other factors.

Concussion, Visual and Vestibular – Some patients, especially those with head injury/concussion history, can have issues with visual and vestibular function.  I include screening and integration of these factors into my exam, accounting for them during therapy and referring for co-treatment when needed to help fully resolve your problems

Overall, headaches can be mixed, the best way i can describe it is a scale with C on one side for cervicogenic, from the neck and M on the other for the more pure migraine.  Many people will be somewhere along the scale, a mixed presentation.  Patients on the extreme M side will say Imitrex is the best thing ever, while those on the extreme C side will have little effect from medication and do very well the manual therapy and stretching

C————–Most patients——————————————————-M

is the typical distribution, after our history and exam, we will determine where you fall and create our treatment plan to your specific needs.