Motion for Life is a clinic designed to provide the best conservative care healthcare has to offer.  My treatment combines aspects of chiropractic, rehabilitation and sports medicine to create solutions to my patients’ problems, whether its snuffing out a nagging injury or finding the common link for a complex pain syndrome.

My treatments are non-invasive and the exercises are simple enough to perform at home to help you get better in and out of the office.  I design the majority of my active therapies to allow my patients to use them at home, in the gym or while traveling to have as much control over their body as possible.

My goal is for you to acheive independence and live life as much as you want to.  I dislike the “you have to come forever” reputation that chiropractic has been given and give out self help tools to help magnify the treatments I perform in the office.  Everything is done for a reason, you deserve more than the cookie cutter approach


Dr. Thomas