All rehabilitation is one on one so we can work through correct form, modification and specialized techniques that you can only get with individual attention.  Many of the exercises use manual resistance, so I can feel the weakness during the motion or lack of control and help determine the right resistance and exercises positions for success.  This type of exercises, derived from PNF, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, take into account reaction time and movement quality in ways that machine, band or freeweight resistance cannot replicate.

If you have had PT, exercise, rehabilitation before and it failed to improve your condition or make the pain worse, there are multiple foils that may have limited its effectiveness.

Some presentations require manual therapy or taping before to allow good quality movement during exercise, so if the previous clinic did not specialize in those types of therapy, the catalyst for the exercises to start helping you was not within their skillset.

Some patients have more difficulty with body awareness.  We can divide these into different types of prompts, broad categories of visual auditory or kinesthetic ques may be required to help you achieve good form and gain benefit from therapeutic exercise.