Kinesiology Taping

I use a variety of kinesiology taping techniques to help my patients, I usually utilize rocktape, but also use rocktape rx, spidertech and spidertech gentle if needed.  I am certified rocktape FMT .

Kinesiology tape can be used in several ways to aid in your recovery

  • Helping body awareness to protect a healing area, letting you know when to stop moving before pain hits to allow the tissue to rest and heal
  • Supporting healing tissue during everyday activity and rehabilitation, sort of a muscle band aid to help support it during recovery
  • When returning to sport, taping as an extra layer of support when pushing your limits
  • If you have problems with feeling the correct motion during an exercise, we can tape the correct movement to help guide you into correct form when not working one on one
  • When we find a manual therapy technique or motion that helps you, we can tape that same motion to maintain the therapy session effect.  In cases where only limited therapy can be done due to tissue sensitivity, this taping can help gently improve motion over several days when the body does not tolerate sudden changes


Rocktape – Functional Movement Techniques

Spidertech Gentle, if you have had reactions to other brands of kinesiology tape