Disc/Radiating Pain

The discs of the spine are a common pain generator.  Pain can be central to the spine or radiating down the limbs or rib cage.  When nerves are compressed additional symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles or weakness can occur.  Burning and cramping are also grouped into this type of pain.

Many patients are nervous when disc or radiating pain is brought up, but it is very common and it makes up a good share of my caseload.  Most cases respond well to conservative therapy and return to activity.

A full workup, with an emphasis on neurological, neural tension and McKenzie evaluation is required to determine the location of the problem and what type of therapy it will respond to.  When the clinical picture is cloudy, additional imaging such as x-ray and MRI may be utilized, along with EMG/NCV testing.  Complex cases are typically comanaged with a Physiatrist or Orthopedist when required.