Common Questions

Common Questions about Exercise and Wellness

I cant do this exercise, why?  After a full orthopedic exam rules out any medical issues, systems such as SFMA, FMS or DNS positions can help determine the limitation, whether a stability control problem, a joint mobility issue, a tissue extensibility problem or guarding response from a previous injury trying to protect a still healing bodypart.

I’ve never been able to do this exercise – There can be hard or soft limitations to an exercise.  If there is a limited joint motion as determined by the shape of the bone, certain positions may not be attainable.  Otherwise there are several systems of evaluation to determine what building blocks are lacking to allow that exercise or movement to be easily performed.  Systems such as DNS follow a developmental pattern building one area of the body one another, if one step is not proficient, it can limit the whole system.  Uncovering this limitation can be the key link to unlocking a lifetime limitation.

Is this exercise right for me or my program? After a full orthopedic evaluation and screening tool such as the FMS or DNS movements, we can put together a combination of your previous injury history, current body state and fitness goals to find which exercises give the most benefit with the least amount of injury risk.  We can form a program and guidelines for which movements or form points are tailored to your body profile and will help you meet your goals.