Chiropractic Adjusting

Chiropractic adjusting is the traditional tool of the chiropractor.  Manual adjusting is done by hand with a controlled pulse into the selected joint to decrease pain and improve mobility.

I follow a progression of force model when indicated to progress from lower to higher grades of manual therapy.  When selecting which of my patients I adjust, their whole presentation is taken into account to determine if adjusting is right for them.

Adjusting works through several mechanisms, which is outside the scope of this page, please contact me with any detailed questions.  A combination of mechanical and neurological effects explain the various results and effects of chiropractic adjusting.

What if I’ve been adjusted before and it didnt work or the results last?

Adjusting is a great tool, but also has some shortfalls.  Sometimes taping needs to be added after to help maintain the treatment effect until the body can stabilize

If an area has been repeatedly adjusted and will not “hold” for lack of a better word, that area may be secondary or compensating, so additional diagnostic evaluation, especially through SFMA or DNS, can help tell why that area is repeatedly overloading and in need of treatment.